Forum Rules (updated March 10th 2011)

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Forum Rules (updated March 10th 2011)

Postby KG » Thu Mar 08, 2007 3:41 pm

The Rules

These rules and guidelines are written to:
  • Promote consistency in presentation
  • Protect visitors from objectionable content
  • Protect the forums from legal action
  • Keep topics relevant and self-contained
  • Treat all registered users fairly and with respect
In this document rules are indicated by having the phrases must or must not in their text. Recommendations are indicated by having the word should or may in their text.

Registration and Profiles
All avatars must conform to the maximum file size and dimensions indicated in the profile area. At the time of writing this means that your avatar must be 100x100 pixels or smaller and 25K or less.

All profile information must be kept accurate for as long as you are an active member of the forums. This includes, but is not limited to, email and web page details.

Signatures must not contain advertisements for commercial web sites. If you want to advertise on the blog or forums, contact KG via PM or email.


You must read and comply with the rules at the top of the forum's topic listing before posting and re-read the rules whenever they change.

You must not post content from hosts which 'pay for clicks'. This includes hosts such as FileSonic, DepositFiles, HotFile and UploadingTo. Please use alternative hosts such as Mediafire, MegaUpload, RapidShare or SendSpace. Services which upload content to multiple hosts, such as MultiUpload are currently permitted.

You must not post full-size images to any forum. Please read the thumbnail images tutorial at the top of each media forum if you do not know how to create thumbs.

You must treat your fellow posters with respect. People have differing opinions and different fetishes, so you must refrain from undue criticism, and inflammatory or personal remarks.

You must not post derogatory remarks about the celebrities featured in a given forum thread. If you have nothing positive to say, please keep quiet.

You must not post pictures of 'Internet models' or fetish-only models to the forums. This is for a couple of reasons: they are not true 'celebrities,' plus we should respect their right to run a business that depends on the exclusivity of their images.

You must not link to other sites where pictures or videos are located, unless those sites are hosting companies such as ImageShack or Megaupload. Always post the pictures or videos directly.

You must post thumbnail images for videos, not just the link. You should also include the file size of the video in the body of your post.

You must not post the names of magazines where pictures originally appeared. This is because information in the past has been inaccurate and also to protect the forums from issues of copyright.

You must not post media of any celebrity under 16 years of age.

Although everyone's fetish is respected here, you must not post pictures of celebrities wearing just leather jackets or coats. Leather trousers are fine.

You may post images of 'Race Queens' or 'Pit Babes' in the Miscellaneous forum, even though these aren't celebrities. This was by popular request. You must only post professional models here, no amateurs.

Each forum thread must remain 'on topic.' This means:
  • You must not post pictures of another celebrity in the same topic, even if there is some relationship between them. Instead, you must start another topic and you may link to this in the original thread.
  • In the media forums all topic subject lines must contain a description of the celebrity whose images/video are being displayed and also they must contain a description of the clothing, material or other fetish that is being demonstrated. For instance, "Rachel Bilson - silver catsuit" is correct, "Rachel Bilson pics" is not.
  • Once a topic has begun, you must not post images of the same celebrity that are not relevant to the topic subject. For example, once a topic has begun entitled, "Gillian Anderson - latex catsuit" you must not add other images of her from other photoshoots. Simply start a separate topic for the new media.
  • You must not post remarks unrelated to the subject matter, e.g. requests for technical assistance or asking for help tracking down other media (for these cases, use the General Discussion forum and Requests forum respectively).
  • You must not reply to topics that are more than 30 days old unless you are posting additional material that is relevant to the subject text. If you wish to ask questions, then use the Requests forum.
These posting rules are written to aid searching and relevance, to keep old topics from cluttering up new ones and to let readers immediately see which threads interest them without having to drill-down into each one.

The Requests Forum
You must read and conform to the rules here.

Responding with a request fill must be made in the media forums and not the Requests forum, and your subject line must include the text "(REQ.)" at the end to indicate a fulfilled request. You must read and comply with the other rules.

Complaints Procedure
To complain about a user's behaviour, to indicate a forum issue or for another related reason, you should contact a moderator or the site administrator by sending a PM (private message). You must not worsen the situation by responding directly to a user who is flouting the rules, either in the forum or via PM.

Requesting New Features
The bulletin board software running the Kinky Gerlinky forums is very flexible. If you wish to request a new feature, you must raise it in the General Discussion forum or PM the site administrator KG. This is so we do not miss any suggestions in the picture posting forums. New features will be described in the Forum and Blog News forum.

Rule Changes
It is likely that these rules will be updated periodically. You must re-read them when an update occurs and comply with the entire document as before, even if rules and recommendations are contrary to those previously laid out.

The rules have been updated: do not post media from pay-per-click hosts, such as FileSonic and HotFile.
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