Movies and Series with shiny clothes

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Movies and Series with shiny clothes

Postby Suminers » Wed May 11, 2011 10:56 pm

Well, I'm trying to do a database of movies and series that sometimes have women wearing shiny clothes on them so I may buy.

So far I don't have much on my list, and would love if you guys could help me.

Movies (that I already own):
Leaving Las Vegas
Underworld (Trilogy)
Batman Returns
Bitter Moon
Bride of Chucky
Spice World - The Spice Girls Movie

Series (that I already own):
Married with Children
The Nanny

So what else do you suggest?
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Re: Movies and Series with shiny clothes

Postby paradox1696 » Thu May 12, 2011 7:26 am

There are hundreds of them and if you look at the posts on here most of them are listed and a clip provided. I recollect seeeing a site a while ago which had a lot of older movies. I would be cautious buying a movie solely for shiny scenes as you can end up buying and sitting through a whole atrocious movie for just a minute of shiny clothing. Having said that 'The Matrix' is an obvious contender for your list.
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Re: Movies and Series with shiny clothes

Postby Suminers » Thu May 12, 2011 4:29 pm

Thanks for the advice... I almost completely forgot Matrix, I already own it too... but forgot to put it in my list... hehehehehehe...
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Re: Movies and Series with shiny clothes

Postby Rev_Dan_Doobly » Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:23 am

NOTE: Because of this websites stupid ancient technology search function I have self censored the names of actresses, so that a _____ appears behind each initial. This will prevent this post from showing up in other members searches and apparently tricking them into reading a post with no access to any media of the actress they were looking for, something which appears to be a major problem for those members who do not abide by wasting ten seconds on the wrong thread. Hopefully you can figure out which actresses I am referring to, and that some day this site will have a search function that differs between posts with photos and links and posts with just text. But I guess that technology is still 10 years in the past.

You know, this raises an interesting point. It is one thing to purchase an entire movie just for that brief scene featuring a young lady in something shiny. But an entire series? Thank god they sell those in box sets of each season. I could imagine buying the entire run of "Suddenly Susan" just to get that one episode where B____ S____ has a rubber outfit on for a couple of minutes. Now that would be expensive, a good $200-US just for something you forgot to tape when it was shown on television for free. But even with shows being sold by season, that could still set you back anywhere from $15 to $40-US. And then there is the entire rest of the DVDs that come in the box. If it is a series you enjoy then you are in luck. Killed two birds with one stone there. But lets say you detest the series or find it boring. That is a lot of room taking up your shelf. A movie takes up about a centimeter or less. A box set of a season about five times as much, more if it comes with a booklet or collectable doodad. With that in mind, perhaps some list should be compiled as to which television series to seek and which are a bit disappointing.

Lets go by decade. The 1940s to 1950s, nothing.

The 1960s is where the action begins. You may want to start with "The Avengers", specifically the seasons with D____ R____. I have been told that H____ B______ wore her share of leather outfits, But having not yet the privilege of seeing those earlier episodes I could not tell you how often or if those episodes still exist or are among the early ones erased. It is Mrs Peel that changed the course of history with her leather catsuit. I understand it was suppose to be a one shot deal, part of an astronaut costume Peel wore as an undercover store clerk. The costume got such positive feedback from the viewers that it was modified down to just the catsuit and became the occasional outfit Peel wore on missions, as well as earning it's place in the opening credits. The series also has it's fair share of boots and other kinky 60s style fashion. Next on the list is "Lost in Space". Every few episodes the Robinsons would wear those silver space suits which M____ K____ ( Judy Robinson ) filled out quite well. But the goldmine series for the 1960s has to be "Batman" I hesitate to put this on the list because it is not legally available. One of history's most popular television series has not made it to home video as of yet because the series was produced by 20th Century Fox, and since then DC Comics has been sold to Warner Brothers. The rights are therefore owned by two competing movie studios who can never agree which studio should be allowed to release the series on their label. Disappointing. This series had a lot of surprisingly sexy outfits given to the female companions hanging out with the villains. off the top of my head I recall a satiny purple catsuit style outfit on the Riddler's moll, a black vinyl coat and later schoolgirl outfit on the Joker's moll, and in one episode J___ St J___ wearing a clear plastic lab coat. If I am not mistaken, a still young J___ C_____ wears a metallic gold costume. And lets not forget Catwoman, regrettably not in latex or leather, but in some other still unidentified shiny material. And the final season has Y_____ C____ as Batgirl wearing that tight catsuit like purple satin(?) bat costume. One episode has Batgirl completely bound in Catwoman's special cat whiskers rope which is designed to slowly shrink as the body heats it up. SPOILER Batgirl escapes by activating the sprinklers, cooling the rope off ans causing it to expand. So we get to see bondage and wet clothing in the same scene. Worth seeking out, but the ones for sale right now have been recorded off of cable and have the channel logos and occasional promos, not to mention the edits made by those channels for extra commercial time. It is currently being shown on The Hub cable network in the U.S.

Now on to the 1970s. "Wonder Woman" features L____ C_____ in her iconic Wonder Woman costume, in every single episode. There is one episode where she goes swimming and puts on a skin tight satin body suit. On the one hand, monotonous, on the other hand, it is the beautiful full figured L_____ C____ in something shiny. In season 3 of "Happy Days" singer S___ Q______ was brought in as a new character called Leather Tuscadero, and she wore the outfits to prove it. Leather was gone with no explanation by the next season. The goldmine series for the 1970s was "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". lets put it this way. In the future women wear satin outfits almost exclusively. Even women from other planets. Word of warning. I do not remember "Charlie's Angels" being big on shiny outfits. All I can remember is C____ L___ wearing satin pants once, but that may have been on a poster and not actually during the series. In recent years it has been rebroadcast on cable and every time I catch an episode the Angels are in disappointing casual wear.

Now on to the 1980's. "Miami Vice" had it's fair share of shiny fashion, although not as much as you would hope for. Maybe one or two good outfits per season. There is other things there to keep one interested. One of the female undercover cops wore a killer schoolgirl costume, and singer S____ E____ was in a swimming pool wearing a soaked through white shirt and maybe nothing else. ( yep, floating on her stomach on a rubber raft. That is far as network television would let it go back then. ) "Beverly Hills 90210" had a few episodes with shiny fashion. I recall T____ S__lling in a dream sequence in a tight latex dress dancing at a club, and there is the unforgettable episode where T____-A____ T______ wears a killer vinyl prostitute outfit. My memories were of at least twice a season one of the girls wearing something shiny and slutty, but it has been a long time since the show was on that I could be remembering things wrong. The goldmine series for the 1980s would be "Married with Children". Kelly wore at least one hot outfit per season. This began when she surprised the crap out of me in the first season when after a dozen episodes of her wearing nothing particularly sexy, she was suddenly wearing, well this:

I was a fan of the series ever since. Not only could you count on Kelly wearing something sexy from that point on, but an almost endless parade of hot actresses and playboy models making guest appearances.

And now we enter the 1990s. What the FOX network had to offer with "Married with Children" and "Beverly Hills 90210" was only a taste of things to come. Television had, til now, been quite conservative outfit-wise. But thanks to the new FOX network, and the rise of MTV and the music video culture, fetish and shiny fashion became more of the norm. You may want to try a box set of "Mad TV" although I would rent before buying. From what I can tell the box sets are those " of" compilations so you never know what will end up on what set. Every few weeks on that show had a sketch where one of the woman comedians wore something in metallic or vinyl. "The Nanny" is another goldmine series with F___ D____ wearing something shiny or leathery nearly every other week. Shame about the annoying voice though, but that is what the volume button is for. "VR.5" was a short lived science fiction series where L___ S___ from the movie "Footloose" was a computer geek who could enter the brains of other people. This was done via the internet and some sort of super program so that when both she and the other person were online at the same time and watching the same web page, the other person would go into a trance while Lori entered his mind. This is pretty much where the idea for "The Cell" came from, and even "Medium" borrowed heavily from this show. L___ would be wearing different costumes each time she entered someone else's mind, and on more than one occasion they would be of the fetish variety. This series has yet to be released on DVD, and only the pilot episode was made available on VHS, but the torrents for all the episodes are somehow online. And there has been a long time movement to get FOX to release the entire series to home video. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" becomes a sort of goldmine series in the later seasons, but mostly during the opening title segment where Sabrina tries on outfits in front of a mirror and makes some sort of stupid joke. A true goldmine series is "Clueless" which fortunately had three hot cast members which increased the odds that some shiny or latex outfit would show up on one of them. Better than that the 90s had one of the all time best goldmine series for shiny and rubbery outfits, "V.I.P." with P___ A___ and other hot girls acting like spies. ( they were suppose to be body guards ) I do not think there was ever a week where someone in the cast was not wearing something worthy of being featured on this website.

Into the 21st Century and beyond, I recall the series "Cleopatra 2525" had girls in shiny and leathery outfits on a weekly basis. The series looked like absolute crap and at the time had no know stars which is why I never bothered to watch it, so I can not tell you what it is about. From the promos I guess it has three girls who are either superheroes or spies who travel the world fighting bad guys, or possibly it is about an all girl rock band. In the final few seasons of "Smallville" there were at least a couple of episodes each year where one of the characters wore some sort of fetishy outfit. At least two of those times it was Lois Lane, once in a red vinyl jacket with matching pants and tank top, another in a tight black latex ( or was it more vinyl? ) superheroin costume. "Alias" is not as good a series as we give it credit for. Only a few episodes had J____ G____ wearing latex, and those outfits were the ones that ABC promoted with plublicity stills. Another spy series called "Chuck" had nearly as much fetish in last year's season with two episodes where Y____ S______ wore a rubber (?) catsuit. Speaking of catsuits there was "The Knights of Prosperity". It was suppose to be a television series called "Lets Rob Mick Jagger" where group of misfits decide to burglarize Mick's apartment and take weeks formulating their plan. Mick Jagger would do a number of cameos just to establish that it was indeed his apartment, and eventually an entire episode, perhaps when the misfits finally broke into his apartment. Mick agreed to be in the series and shot the cameo for the pilot episode. The series was picked up by ABC for their 2007 fall season. Then Mick Jagger bailed out of the project. A few episodes were shot without any Jagger cameos, but eventually the shows producers decided to change the format so that every few weeks the misfits choose a new celebrity to rob. The Mick Jagger story arc ends nine episodes in with the misfits making it into the apartment before becoming trapped in Mick's panic room. The name of the series changed to "Lets Rob...", then finally "The Knights of Prosperity" by the time it's first episode aired. ABC was not happy that they green lit a Mick Jagger series and suddenly he was no longer in it, so they never gave "The Knights of Prosperity" a steady time slot, and as a result it never picked up enough ratings to keep it from being cancelled after 13 episodes. Although not yet on DVD, it can still be found online as streaming videos, and torrents of complete episodes for those who would like to burn their own DVDs. What makes it worth seeking out is S___ V____ who would go on to success later in he series "Modern Family" plays one of the misfits, and in more than one episode wears something both shiny and slutty. The highlight being a tight black vinyl catsuit used on one of the attempts to infiltrate Jagger's apartment.

Rounding out some recent episodes worth a look at, the US version of "Ugly Betty" had A____ F_____ in a latex dress in the very first episode, and supporting character Amanda tricked into wearing a tight and supposedly uncomfortable grey latex dress ( she thinks a to designer made it for her ) in one of the later seasons. There is also Betty's sister who wears many slutty outfits that include tight leather and shiny material. And many of the minor and recurring characters wear shiny outfits on occasions, as well as the extras playing models. Another American adaptation of a foreign series is the US version of "Kath & Kim" which has plenty of episodes where M___ S___ and more importantly S____ B_____ wear shiny outfits, my favorite episode being the one where Kim is wearing a goldish top with a killer pair of tight purplish metallic pants ( or are they leggings? ).
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Two other series to consider are "The Dollhouse" and "Glee". Both have minimal but memorable episodes with shiny and latex outfits. Now, as for series that have just the one episode with a memorable shiny outfit, I will leave that to someone else. But basically 75% of the scripted television series made after 1988 has at least one episode where one of the female characters wears something memorable.
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Re: Movies and Series with shiny clothes

Postby Suminers » Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:23 am

Rev_Dan_Doobly, thank you so very much for this!!

I have some more to ad.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Angel (E____ D_____ usually wore some leather pants)
The Adventures of Lois and Clark (not much but some fantastic scenes with T___ H______ wearing slutty and shiny stuff)
Secret Diary of a Call Girl
8 Simple Rules (no much also but some unforgetable scenes with K____ C____ wearing some hot pants)
Gossip Girl (not much but worth seen)

I think that's what I recall...
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Re: Movies and Series with shiny clothes

Postby Guest1234 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:36 am

Friend, it would be great to have a definitive guide with ALL Films/Shows with leather/PVC/Latex/Rubber etc... on it.

But creating this list as posts here is non sense. First, this would go over 10 thousand movies/Tv series easily. Secondly, each person here has its own standarts, some people like leather gloves, some people like leather jackets. I would never get a movie because there is an actress with high boots on it, but a lot of people would. Not to mention that the actress beauty is subjective to each person and that may interfere with buying decisions.

If you go worldwide, then its real madness. I got some german DVD from Jeanette Biedermann and estonian group Vanilla Ninja for example, and I would defenetly get some UK shows, like Skins.

In order for this to work, it would have to be a dedicated website, where all users could submit their "findings", listing actress and fetish, and the list would be updated once a month.

And I dont know who would have the time and resources to take care of this......
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Re: Movies and Series with shiny clothes

Postby dlongone » Fri Dec 30, 2011 1:35 am

"I could imagine buying the entire run of "Suddenly Susan" just to get that one episode where B____ S____ has a rubber outfit on for a couple of minutes. Now that would be expensive, a good $200"

Brooke is here (unless you're speaking of yet another episode that has eluded me so far): viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7075&hilit=brooke+shields
I coughed up ~$70 a while ago for fairly good Chinese bootlegs of the entire series(most of the other episodes are boring)
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