Thread visit counts, and other forum fenomena

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Thread visit counts, and other forum fenomena

Postby Niolani » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:45 am

I've wondered about visit numbers on threads.

If someone posts a thread straight after you, it tends to have a much higher visit count. Sometimes this can be explained. If the post has several youtubes in it, some people have to navigate away from the page to halt the youtube, and then go back to start another. Or sometimes, imagebam or imagevenue pictures can navigate you away from the page, if you don't explicitly open a new tab.

However, I've got two threads sitting equally in the Singers forum, and the top thread has 115 more views. It can't be due to poster's reputation. It's unlikely to be the title, and it can't be anything to do with the content, since they are similar (1 youtube, 2 links).

I conclude that some people must come to the forum and only look at the first thread, and then leave. :o Either that, or it has something to do with search engine optimisations.

There is also this other phenomena where a thread above your post has less visits than you. This can be explained by the original poster deleting the post, and then reposting, to position it at the top again.
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