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Postby Niolani » Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:22 pm

I'm currently trying to install this type of board (phpBB) on a website, with various changes. I've done a mod, which I believe this forums needs.

Since I'm installing a site for farmers, or people who are a bit forum-naive (n00bs), one of the things I have had to change is the message notification system, which usually relies on a popup which doesn't work, if you have blockers installed. The template system gives you no way to alter it, so you have to change the code.

The effect I have selected, is this:


which I believe that nobody can miss. Try and miss it, I dare you.

This effect is achieved by the following mutilation of includes/functions.php, at around line 4320

$l_message_new = (($nmpxc=$user->data['user_new_privmsg']) == 1) ? $user->lang['NEW_PM'] : $user->lang['NEW_PMS'];
if ($nmpxc > 0) $l_message_new = "<b style='background: #dd131e; font-size: 50px;'>".$l_message_new."</b>";

The artistic merit is in choosing precisely the correct tone of red, and size of font.
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