Leather Trousers Style Change Over Time

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Leather Trousers Style Change Over Time

Postby kinky stuff » Sat May 19, 2012 5:52 pm

I was just wondering what your views are on the modern style of leather trousers. Obviously its great that leather is at the hight of fashion just now with the likes of leggings, trousers, hotpants etc... maybe its just me but i for one am not too keen on the style of leather trousers that is popular just now. I always loved trousers that were tight around the ass and thighs then start to flare out a bit bellow the knees. I personally dont see what is so flattering about the skinny legged trousers. is it me that needs to move on with the times or does anyone else think the same?
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kinky stuff
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Re: Leather Trousers Style Change Over Time

Postby Sup » Sat May 19, 2012 11:27 pm

everyones tastes are different :)

not a big fan of those disco pants that are going around at the moment. i like shiny and tight but i dont like the old 80s style 'halfway up your chest' trouser look.

personally though i think those 'liquid' leggings that are popular at the mo are the sexist thing a woman can wear.
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Re: Leather Trousers Style Change Over Time

Postby batvette » Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:55 pm

I dunno, the cut of the classic Michael Hoban North Beach Leather high waist is pretty hard to beat. They were cut with a specific panel design which really hugged the derriere nicely. I think Vakko made a similar style but had stirrups. Both went above the navel and were skintight to the ankle. What detracted from either was the overall ridiculous nature of 80's fashion in general.
As for the liquid leggings it's sad they didn't catch on that big in most of the states, sadder that so many cheap quality examples were marketed when you saw them worn they fit baggy and just ruined it.
We should always remember it's culture that drives women to wear these things without hesitation, not the fashion itself. For instance heavy metal concerts in the '80's were an excuse for females to virtually compete to see who could look the sluttiest in public. When Metal fell to the miserable onslaught of "Grunge" that just disappeared. When Goth became popular new types of fetish like vinyl/pvc were seen in public through the mid 90's, don't know what music/trends could drive a certain fetish into widespread popularity now.
I remember a youtube video with a girl in a latex catsuit with a comment by someone saying "why don't all women dress like this?" I pointed out that first we'd never get anything done between wanting to get horizontal with them right now or getting in fights with those with the same idea. I also pondered that of those that do wear such sex appealing things, they are going to have lots of offers and advances from us to, well, again get horizontal. Leading to many pregnancies, where most inevitably gain weight they never lose, and don't feel comfortable wearing a latex catsuit in public ever again.
So the whole thing is self cancelling it may be.
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Re: Leather Trousers Style Change Over Time

Postby Biro » Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:24 pm

I'm the same as you, Kinky Stuff, leather and PVC trousers like those looked the best. The really fitted ones can look good sometimes, but a bit weird at others. Although they do look better with heels, the looser/flared trousers never really went with pointy stilettos, they need something chunkier.

This is my favourite look:
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